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Manifestation is the Key That Unlocks

Oct 12, 2021
Written by: Mikki Bey

I believe the life you want is on the other side of you giving up your resistance to the idea of having it and allowing for it to flow towards you effortlessly. If you are an A-type personality like me, this seems counterintuitive. Many of us were taught that “nothing comes easy”, “you have to work hard for money” and that you must stress or strain to get the things you want. But what if there is an easier way? There is.

Manifestation is a powerful tool that you can use to be a co-creator with Source/Energy/The Universe/God/Spirit. Imagine you can order whatever you want from the catalog of the Universe and the only thing that stands in the way of you getting it is you. Let’s look at the 5 basic principles to manifesting anything from a cup of coffee to a million dollars, love, and beyond.

  1. Set your intention: The first step to manifesting the life you want requires you to get clear. State your desires to the Universe in present tense either aloud or in a journal. Focus only on the end result instead of thinking about the process of getting what you want. The how is none of your business.
  2. Forget about it: Yes you read that right. Once you have proclaimed your intention to the Universe there’s no reason to harp on the topic. Release it with the knowing that when you see it again it will be because you manifested. Surrendering is the key. You can’t surrender if you are constantly thinking about it. You are essentially just reminding yourself of the lack.
  3. Fake it until you make it: Act as if you already have what you have manifested. How would you feel if you were in love with the person of your dreams? How would you feel behind the wheel of your new car or when you open the door to your new house? The more you can make your reality feel like your fantasy you will get into energetic alignment which will bring about what you want.
  4. Focus on feeling good: Like attracts like. Think of yourself as a huge magnet. What are you hoping to attract? Who must you become to attract the things you want? Your secret weapon is choosing to feel good. As you release positive vibrations you will bring in whatever is attracted to that level of vibration.
  5. See it: Remember how vivid our imaginations were as kids? Try to transport yourself into the life you desire by simply closing your eyes and imagining you are living the life you want. What do you see? Smell? How do you feel watching yourself? Visualization is one way to convince the subconscious mind of its new reality.

Manifestation is happening every day all day, you might as well be a conscious co-creator in your life. Tell me what you have manifested in your life or what you are working on manifesting in the comments. What’s your biggest hangup with manifesting?