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    Meet Mikki Bey, a compelling Life and Relationship Coach blending intuition and Universal principles to guide you through life’s most transformative moments. Picture the insightful wisdom of Gabrielle Bernstein fused with the soul-stirring energy of Iyanla Vanzant—that’s the dynamic force Mikki embodies. Specializing in emotional mastery, she’s not just a coach; she’s a lifeline for high-achievers who want to excel without sacrificing their emotional well-being or relationships.

    Mikki has a unique ability to pinpoint the core of an issue, offering intuitive guidance alongside actionable strategies that are tailor-made for your unique challenges. Whether you’re navigating major life shifts or deepening everyday relationships, she’s got your back with real talk and proven methods.

    Don’t let the “Life and Relationship Coach” title fool you—Mikki is a multifaceted powerhouse. A former News Producer for CBS and a proven entrepreneur, she has a knack for reinvention that’s unparalleled. With an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University and a Journalism degree from Wayne State, Mikki serves up a mix of smarts, soul, and resilience that’s all her own.

    Based in Atlanta but impacting lives globally through virtual coaching, Mikki is also a dedicated mother of three and a loving wife.

    Mikki would love to hear from you! Slide into her DMs @getmikkibey on all platforms.

    “Having it all isn’t the problem – building the foundation to sustain it all is the key!”

    – Mikki Bey